Feb 16, 2012

Whole lotta nottin

Blah, blah, blah . . . it's been a while since I've written. It's also been a while since I've done any cool shit. So, if you were tuning in to read about my latest romp into the vertical . . . I'm going to have to disappoint. This is not to say I haven't gotten out, I just haven't done anything blog worthy. My last post was exactly one week before the infamous Prince and Princess of Plastic bouldering competition at Montana State University.

Comp Recap:

SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO DID NOT COMPETE! We put more blood, sweat, and tears into this comp than any PPP before. However, we had less participants than any PPP before. In the end, the work paid off. Nikita won the men's beginner division and Kezia won the women's beginner division. For the open category, it was Ho down. No the previous sentence does not contain a spelling error, Sarah and Jeff Ho won the open this year. Mr. Ho at the ripe old age of 85 (he doesn't show it does he) performed a climbing feat to rival anything venga inspired send in ANY climbing movie, for all time. Men's final #2 was caped with a mantle onto two volumes using pretty much only grip tape on the volumes. As Ho was setting up for this mantle his foot popped, leaving the master swinging wildly with only one point of contact. Somewhere deep in his Crussian heritage, the power of crush was summoned. Not only did Ho Cakes control this swing to beat all swings, he more or less completed a one arm pull up and finished the route . . . flashing the problem.

The following weekend, I headed out to California Ice. Had this trip been more than a glorified hike, I might have something ligit to discuss. The Haus Boss and myself charged out to East Rosebud on Thursday evening, hoping to get an alpine start on Friday. We awoke to what looked to be a great day with clear stars above we headed up toward Cali Ice. We punched it up to the base in a few hours. The flow is in incredible shape at the moment. A wall of massive blue/green ice just wanted to be climbed. Or maybe it didn't. As we were mulling around the base, Law punched through into an ankle deep pond, soaking his boots and dashing any hopes we had about climbing. I have to Law props as he did attempt to lead the first pitch only to encounter frozen toes and fingers. We bailed and were home by just after dark.

I continued on the Montana comp circuit on Saturday with a visit to Billings where SteepWorld hosted the Montana Bouldering Championship. With a name like that, who could resist. It was a great comp with a lot of fun problems and a great atmosphere. Props to the Billings crew for putting on a fun event!

Superbowl Sunday followed the Saturday comp in Billings. Erik Christensen, The Groseths, my lovely wife, and I headed out to Whiskey. I'd had enough plastic as was ready for some real stone to chew up the fingers. As always, Whiskey allowed for a great day with an hour or two of T-shirt tolerable sending!

The following week I threw my back out . . . depressed and angry I bought Skyrim for PS3 and more or less have accomplished nothing except for leveling up to 20.

No review this week, just a bunch of non sense. Back with more later! 


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