Dec 6, 2011

The Prince and Princess of Plastic

Regardless of my incessant even neurotic dipping for chalk, I still feel as though I've just bathed my hands in lotion. Eyes dart from the hold to hold, scrutinizing the most minute details of the plastic in hopes of revealing a secret grip style to unlock the problem. Despite the obvious frivolous facade which is gym climbing, one cannot deny the excitement, exuberance, and electricity of an indoor climbing comp. Thus, in the spirit of competition, I offer this week's post as a shameless plug for the upcoming MSU bouldering competition. I'll be back next week with another review and some thoughts on life in the vertical. However for now here's the details!

When? January 28th and 29th

Where? MSU Climbing gym, located in the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center

Why? To raise awareness that our current climbing gym is . . . lacking . . . We'll have plans up during the comp of the proposed expansion

How? The registration fee is only $25 until December 31st, after which time it raises to $30, or $35 day of. Go to the main office in the Fitness Center to register OR click here to enter the intramural server which MSU uses to register intramural competitors. After clicking on the link, create a profile and look for the MSU climbing competition event. You can then register yourself for the division and heat you'd like to compete in. If you register online, payment will be due the day of the comp but you'll still get the reduced price. However, if you pay the day of the comp, you must pay with cash or check. You can pay with a card by registering early in person at the fitness center.

Hope to see you all there!

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