Apr 6, 2011

A Change of Pace

 To those of you who know me (which in reality are probably the only ones who would are reading this), I typically depart for the frozen lands of the north each spring. My purpose is typically mixed between conducting glaciological research for the University of Maine, University of New Hampshire, and Dartmouth College & extending my alpine season in the most incredible alpine destination in North America if not the world. However, as American political scene changes and science focused on understanding global climate change is quickly blacklisted from the federal budget, the project I typically work was scaled back this year (thank you Tea Party). This post was supposed to reflect my enthusiasm to return to the Kahiltna Glacier, but it has now changed into something quite different. As you may or may not remember I initially began this blog (I really hate that world), to help motivate myself to prepare for the Bachar-Yerin route this fall. So, I figured if I'm not headed to Alaska why not focus (and write) on spawn of these ramblings. Thus, with growing excitement, I am planning an extended trip the the Yosemite Valley in Californ IA!

The Plan:

  • May 9th: Depart Bozeman with trusty partner in crime Mr. Tate "Check Your Safety" Shepard 
  • May 11th: Warm up wall: "The Prow" on Washington Column 
  • May 14th:  The Business: "The Nose" on El Capitan referred to as possibly the greatest rock climb on Earth 
  • May 19th: The Business Continues: "Salathe" on El Capitan referred to as the greatest climb on Earth second only to "The Nose"
  • May 24th: Play Time: Free climb as many classics as possible. Ideas as of now are: 
    • Serenity Cracks into Sons of Yesterday 
    • El Cap Buttress
    • Royal Arches into Crest Jewel 
    • Snake Dike 
    • Something on Cathedral 

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